Darkling: 1930s Satin.

I know it's not even mid-September yet. Most of the leaves are still green, half of Instagram is begging for summer to stick around while the rest of us are visiting craft stores weekly to visit the Halloween sections and starting to think about sweaters. When the cool air started to sneak in, at first just at night but now it's occasionally chilly during the day too, I dug around in my Ikea bags for a 1940s black satin dress that needed mending, got it done in time to list for the impending autumn. 



It doesn't photograph beautifully, typical for black. It's the most delicious, inky black satin I've ever found. The back buttons (not photographed because I didn't want to risk tearing anything to get them done up) were all covered in a black chiffon in their former lives, but now only a few are still covered. Underneath they're a cool grey metal. It has a pleated, ruffled, detail along one side of the shoulders but of course it absorbs itself in pictures or at least, it did this morning when I thought the light was going to be perfect (it wasn't). 

I have no inclination to keep this one, and I'm not sure why, so into the shop she'll go sometime in the next week or so if I can get the light to cooperate. In the meantime I styled it with an edible-jewelry piece from work and took some self-portraits for the new website portal--hydrangeas will not do for September and October. 



I'm still feeling awkward about the prospect of blogging here. The whole world of it has changed so much, and whatever it is now doesn't seem the kind of place I'm a part of. This is a discussion that happens a lot on twitter or facebook--someone from the old fashion blogging days will post about how it used to be, missing it a little bit, and how it's changed. Going through some of my older archives the other day I had such a strange feeling about it! And yet here I am again, calling it a journal, dressing up and taking self-portraits (I guess? It feels indulgent to call them that) and writing without proofreading about it all. 

Anyway, I'm feeling very Darkling I listen (I'm still writing, still working, still trying to force out this thesis. Did you know it wasn't until a few months ago that I realized 'darkling' is an adjective? Of course it is, of course it is, but I always read it as a strange term of endearment. I like it better that way) here, and heading into this season and weather that makes me feel a little bit more myself.