Augusta Anne Vintage: Fall 2019

A few weeks ago, when the leaves were just about to peak, I went out and (with help) shot new images for the website. I still haven’t updated with actual fall merchandise, but part of that is because I’ve been paring down, curating more closely.

AAVfall 2019 1.jpg

This means I have a lot of stuff to get rid of. I don’t really have the time, or patience, for insta-sales so, the trunk of my car is full of bags to donate. This is rough—I spent a lot of money on things over the years thinking they would make it to the shop—but some pieces I just don’t like enough to spend time working on them to fix or photograph.

I’m finding a little bit more of a vibe I like since the last journal post, heavy on the 90s florals, and that’s continuing in to fall and winter. I’ll be at the Fort Orange General Store Holiday Market in December, so this purge is also a good way to figure out what I’m bringing.

So that’s where we are! The full-time job makes it hard to list, and winter is always difficult once the light is lost, but I’ve got good things coming.

AAV Fall 2019 3.jpg